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Comprehensive Security Solutions for Properties in and Around Sarasota, FL

Welcome to Upfront Technologies, Inc., your go-to company for top-notch security solutions in and around Sarasota, FL. As one of the leading home security companies in the area, we offer a range of residential and commercial security services, including home security installations, and residential security camera installation.

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Security Solutions You Can Count On

Our team of experts works with you to design customized security solutions that cater to your unique needs, ensuring that you get cutting-edge security systems that meet your requirements. Unlike other companies that offer cookie-cutter solutions, we take pride in offering personalized monitoring services for every scenario.

We understand that long-term commitments can be scary, and that’s why we offer a month-to-month agreement, the perfect fit for those who don’t want to commit long-term. Moreover, our stand-alone camera systems are networked to your phone or tablet with no monthly fee, offering you peace of mind with our in-house monitoring and alarm services.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team has the experience and expertise to provide long-lasting solutions. We use the latest technologies from trusted manufacturers to ensure protection from theft, vandalism, and other threats.

Smarter Home Security.

Discover a new sense of security with the most advanced technology on the market. Every piece of equipment is expertly installed, customized for your home, and controllable from anywhere.

Rest assured.

With our Always-on Protection, your system connects everything in your home to keep you safe and secure, 24/7. You are professionally monitored, and in emergencies, our monitoring service alerts your local police, fire, or EMS. Your connected smoke and CO detectors alert you and your monitoring service too.

Stay one step ahead.

By the time most security systems alert you to a problem, it’s too late. Your system helps you spot unusual activity early and take action. Armed or disarmed, your system is on guard.

Simplify your routine.

Securing your house for the night can be a pain. With Scenes, it’s easy. Just tap your Alarm.com app once to arm your security system, lock your doors, adjust your lights, and many more functions.

Forget something?

Ever leave home without closing the garage? We’ve got your back. Just open your app, close the garage door, lock the deadbolt, turn off the light, or set the thermostat remotely.

Property Surveillance With You in Mind

We design our camera systems to meet every need you have. We stick to tried and true devices and methods that we back fully with warranties. We offer fully wired self-sustained camera systems with Advanced Analytics that you can monitor yourself remotely, or a simple camera solution that ties into your alarm system.

State-of-the-Art Protection

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